Gel-a-Peel 3D Design Station

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Gel A Peel Design Station lets you design and create your own 3D accessories. Insert the paper design into the 3D template, attach it to the 3D Design Station, and use the gel colour tube to trace the template. When finished drying, peel off the gel design, and your creation is ready! The Gel-a-Peel 3D Design Station comes with 4 gel colour tubes, including an exclusive colour – Sparkle White! Make cell phone cases, jewellery, key chains, pencil toppers and more! Design, Peel, Wear & Share!4 Gel-a-Peel colour tubes Neon Pink, Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Sparkle White
Design station makes 3D accessories!
The 3D Design Station is created for advanced Gel-a-Peel designers
2 3D sphere templates (to make pencil toppers and key chains)
Contents: 3D Design Station, gel tube display stand, 36 design templates, 2 3D cell phone case templates, 3D cone template, 2 3D sphere templates, 6 designer tips, cleaning tool, accessory hardware

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